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ikonka kody znaku towarowego

Internationally agreed Numbers for the Identification of bibliographic Data (INID) can be used in all entries in gazette, announcements regarding applications published for the first time, should be associated with the corresponding bibliographic data in so far as these data normally appear in gazettes (according to WIPO ST. 60).
The list of definitions of bibliographic data with their corresponding INID codes:

(111) - Serial number of the registration
(151) - Date of the registration
(210) - Serial number of the application
(220) - Date of filing of the application
(310) - Serial number assigned to the first application
(320) - Date of filing of the first application
(330) - Code, identifying the national or regional Office where the first application was made or the organization            where the first application was made
(441) - Date of making information available to the public regarding the non examined application
(510) - List of goods and/or services
(511) - The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks            (Nice Classification) and/or list of goods and/or services classified according thereto
(531) - According to the International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks (Vienna Classification)
(540) - Reproduction of the mark
(551) - Indication to the effect that the mark is a collective mark, a certification mark or a guarantee mark
(731, 732) - Name and address of the applicant or holder of the registration

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