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Utility models - How to read a utility model document

ikonka co jest czym na opisie wzoru użytkowego

Internationally agreed Numbers for the Identification of bibliographic Data (INID) used on the first page of patent documents (according to WIPO ST. 9):

(11) - Number of the utility model
(12) - Plain language designation of the kind of document
(13) - Kind-of-document code (according to WIPO ST.3)
(21) - Number assigned to the application
(22) - Date of filing the application
(23) - Date of filing complete specification following provisional specification and date of exhibition
(30) - Data relating to priority under the Paris Convention or the Agreement on TRIPS Agreement (number
         assigned to priority application, date of filing of priority application, code identifying the national
         industrial property office)
(41) - Date of making available to the public by viewing
(43) - Date of making available to the public by printing on which no grant has taken place on or before the          said date (data, BUP - number/year)
(45) - Date of making available to the public by printing of a utility model document on which grant has          taken place on or before the said date (data, WUP - number/year)
(51) - International Patent Classification
(54) - Title of the invention
(62) - Number of the earlier application from which the present utility model has been divided up
(72) - Name of inventor
(73) - Name of grantee, holder, assignee or owner
(76) - Name of inventor who is also applicant and grantee
(86) - International filing date and international application number
(87) - International publication date and international application number
(93) - For an SPC, number, date and, where applicable, country of origin, of the first authorization to place
         the product on the market as a medicinal product or plant protection product within a regional
         economic community
(94) - Calculated date of expiry of the SPC or the duration of the SPC
(95) - The product protected by the basic patent and in respect of which the SPC or the extension of the SPC
         has been applied for or granted

Kind-of-document code - code for the identification of different kinds of utility models,
(according to WIPO ST. 16):

(U1) - Application for utility model
(Y1) - Specification for utility model
(U3) - Application for additional utility model
(Y3) - Specification for additional utility model

ikonka klasyfikacjiExample of utility model document: full text

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