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Industrial designs - how to read an industrial design document

ikonka co jest czym na na opisie wzoru przemysłowego

Internationally agreed Numbers for the Identification of bibliographic Data (INID) used on the first page of industrial designs (according to WIPO ST. 80):

(11) - Serial number of the registration and/or number of the design document
(21) - Serial number of the application
(22) - Date of filing of the application
(30) - Data relating to priority under the Paris Convention
(51) - International Classification for Industrial Designs (class and subclass of the Locarno Classification)
(54) - Designation of article(s) or product(s) covered by the industrial design or title of the industrial design
(55) - Reproduction of the industrial design (e.g., drawing, photograph) and explanations relating to
         the reproduction
(72) - Name(s) of the creator(s)
(73) - Name(s) and address(es) of the owner(s)

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